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ADEGA BUEZAS makes wine in the family winery with the grapes 100% cultivated in our own vineyards. Our vineyards are quite small in size, they are a nice example of the “minifundio” or small lands of the territory of  Galicia.


Albariño and its “Terroir”

Alba-Rino, means “The white from the Rhine”

Our grapes are believed to have its origin by the Rhine river, in the Alsace region of France, being relative of the grape “Petit-Manseng”, brought through the pilgrimage of the Cluny Monks on their way to St James.

We believe we have been gifted with a marvelous land, which provides us with great products we cherish and appreciate as gifts from God.The legend says when God created the world, he rested by placing his hand over Galicia, creating the Rias Baixas with his fingers.


Our gifted “Terroir” from “terre”- land and its environmental factors and epigenetic qualities

Our vineyards are located in the Val do Salnes, in the Rias Biaxas region of Galicia, towards the lower reaches of the River Umia, approached by other small rivers that water its soils. The landscape is of low undulating hills and the vineyards are planted on its slopes and on the flat valley floors. The density of our plantations is strictly limited to an average of 1000 vines per hectare, the vineyards need to be wire trained in large canopies to allow the warmth of the sun reflected in the soil to reach the grape’s core, whilst maintaining the appropriate amount of humidity of the land. These essential factors lead to great fine vine.

Galicia has an acute Atlantic influence, with optimal geological and agro- climatic conditions that contribute gratefully to its outstanding products given by our soil and seas.

Our location, of longitude 8 degrees East and latitude 42 degrees North, recognized by some as the magic latitude for great wines, its elevation of average 500 meters above sea level, a stable atmospheric pressure of around 1002 psi throughout the year, a microclimate with mild temperatures, warmed by the sunlight during the day and cooled by the Atlantic breeze at night, its mixed soils of granite and warm sand with the optimal mineralization and a slight touch of acidity, are some of the factors that contribute to a great Albariño harvest, giving our grapes a touch of botanical aroma with the personality of our land.

We can conclude by proudly saying that our exceptional terroir is optimal for growing a great fine wine. It is our land that creates the personality of our wine, a wine highly recognized and rewarded with national and international prestige and a great accompaniment for our well appreciated gastronomy given by our land the Atlantic Ocean into our so called Rias.

For more information about our  vineyards, you can read our greatgranparents`, Álvaro Peón and Teresa Rei, history of life, in “About us”.